Kendrick Remahl Photo: MEZ/ESM

The ESA has posted its 2022 Easterns® invitations.  These rankings are based off of ESA’s 2022 Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regional results.

The Easterns® is an invitation-only event.  If you did not compete at an ESA 2022 Regional events, you are not qualified to surf in this event.

Registration will open the first week in August with a deadline of August 16, 2022.  Those who do not register before the deadline will be considered late-paid alternates and are not guaranteed their slots. Registration may remain open after the deadline to fill possible open slots, but entry fees will increase.

Alternates are encouraged to register before the deadline as slots available will be filled based on date and time of registration.

Please reach out to your local ESA district director with any questions about The Easterns® registration process.