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How does an ESA competitor qualify for the USA Surfing Prime East Series?

The USA Surfing Prime East Series includes only these five Shortboard divisions: Boys U14, Boys U16, Boys U18, Girls U16, and Girls U18.

ESA competitors who are under 18 years of age as of January 1st of each year must qualify for the USA Surfing Prime East Series through the ESA local district events, ESA Regional events and The Easterns®.

USA Surfing

Top ranked competitors from ESA local district events, ESA Regionals and the Easterns® may be offered an opportunity to compete in the USA Surfing Prime East Series.

Competitors attempting to qualify for Prime events should always surf up one age division (in addition to their regular age division) at both the ESA District and ESA Regionals/Easterns® level in order to improve their chances of receiving a slot for the following year’s USA Surfing Prime East Series.

If you are interested in competing in the USA Surfing Prime East Series, please send an email to USA Surfing requesting an invitation. Include your name, birthdate, email address, phone number and what divisions you are interested in entering. If you have met the ESA requirements and a slot is available, you may receive an invitation/entry form by email from USA Surfing.

The links below will provide current information as provided by USA Surfing and the ESA. 

How does an ESA competitor qualify for the USA Surfing CHAMPIONSHIPS in june EACH YEAR?

USA Surfing may provide the ESA slots for its annual US Championships in California in every June.

Prime East Series competitors gain slots into Boys U18, U16 & U14 and Girls U18 & U16 from USA Surfing ratings.  The ESA may be offered 1-2 slots per each youth divisions (U12, U14, U16 & U18) along with unlimited slots into the adult divisions.  Slot allocations change each year with some years the ESA not receiving any in various divisions.  Communication of available slots must come from USA Surfing to the ESA and is usually received by mid-May.  

ESA Rankings for its competitors to the US Championships may be based on the current year’s ESA Regionals results taking into account possible duplication from other surfing organizations, including the ratings from USA Surfing.  Rankings are based on final standings along with total heats surfed, placings throughout specific division and already guaranteed slots from USA Surfing and NSSA. 

Questions about the ESA’s ranking process should be sent to [email protected]

Questions about USA Surfing slot allocations should be sent to [email protected].




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