The 2024 ESA All-Star Team
Coach – Jason Motes
Mentor – Perry Creef
Mentor – Travis Ajay
Mentor – Josh Motes
Mentor – Kai Sommers
Mentor – Malia Womble


Joey Biasotto DMV
Thomas Meekins OBNC
Matton Bain SNC
Declan Fitzgerald CNJ
Dane Casey CNJ
Noah Poteat FCFL
Tucker Demsey NCFL
Mako Musilunas NSC
Aiden Flynn FCFL
Lucas Kaplan SNJ
Gavin Mitchell CNJ
Taylor Meekins OBNC
Christian Castiglione SNC
James Carr SNJ
Ellie Walsh NFL
Maggie Demsey NFL
Ava Earle NFL
Lily Schroeder NFL
Annie Adams NFL
Madison Bennett CFL
Carlie Eastwood NCFL
Ayla Stutzman NNE
Georgia Brown SSC
Skylar Steinmetz SNC
The 2024 Jr All-Star Team (13 & under)
Owen Anthony NFL
Jay Weyer NFL
Athan Robertson NFL
Reef Henson DMV
Christian Winter DMV
Sawyer Glynn NCFL
Asher Eastwood NCFL
Romie Stalnaker NFL
Ansely West NFL
Coral Sasser NFL
Keira Soleau CNJ
Story Martinez VA


ESA’s All-Stars are made up of the best up-and-coming surfers along the East Coast who are dedicated ESA members. Team members gain valuable training from world-class surf coaches, travel as a team building life-long relationships and become exposed within the surfing industry through the ESA by the organization’s marketing, press releases, webcasts, etc.

The ESA All-Star Team is now an INVITE-ONLY process.  Coach Motes, along with All-Star Team mentors and the All-Star Team committee will determine who gets invited to All-Star Team.  To be considered an ESA All-Star, you should have the right ATTITUDE (not only does one need to be a strong competitor to make the team but must also set a good example with regard to sportsmanship), DEDICATION to the ESA organization & PERFORMANCE (your results from local, regional and Easterns® events).

Former ESA Team members include Kelly Slater, Shea Lopez, Cory Lopez, Ben Bourgeois, Leah Thompson, Chris Baiata, Jeremy Saukel, Sam Hammer, Brian Stoehr, Tyler Calloway (FCS), ESA Icon Eric Taylor, Jamie DeWitt, Zander Morton, David Awbrey, Cassidy McClain, Blayr Barton, Simon Hetrick, Josh Richardson and Todd Kinsey.  The team is our pride and are the ambassadors of the world’s largest and most effective surfing organization.

2024 esa hawaii trip

Invitations for the team trip to Hawaii will be for the older ESA All-Star Team members who Coach Motes and the All-Star Team committee feel are ready for Hawaii, and are in regular participation as an All-Star. The ESA reserves the right to offer invitations to whoever they see as a good fit for this specific training and/or necessary for the logistics of the trip. The ESA does not guarantee every team member will receive an invitation. This trip offers an amazing team experience with professional surf coaches who work with some of the best in the world. Memories and friendships to last a lifetime.


The ESA Developmental Team is a valuable opportunity for dedicated ESA members looking to elevate their skills through professional coaching with Coach Motes. While not yet at the level required for the ESA All-Star Team, members of the ESA Developmental Team will have access to personalized feedback by sharing video clips with Coach Motes. Additionally, they will receive coaching at regional and Easterns events. Stay tuned for other exciting training activities that may be organized. Join the ESA Developmental Team and take your surfing journey to new heights with expert guidance.

ESA DEVElopmental TEAM Member Criteria
  • Minimum age requirement is 10 as of January 1 for year applying for, however, exceptions may be made for younger ages.
  • Must have competed in a minimum of one Easterns® Surfing Championships.
  • Maximum attendance and participation in your local ESA events.
  • Must be an active volunteer at all local ESA events to help run the contests.
  • Team members must attend all local, regional and Easterns events during the year(s).
  • A $300 registration fee and ESA membership renewed to be current throughout entire year of participation.
  • District director(s) must approve.

If you are interested in joining ESA’s Developmental Team, please review the criteria above and submit the ESA Developmental Team application via email by the deadline of November 15 of each year. The candidate will email the application as ONE pdf file (multiple and jpg files will not be accepted) to [email protected],as well as copy respective district director(s).

For more about the ESA All-Star and the ESA Developmental Team, please email the All-Star Team Committee directly at [email protected].

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