ESA’s All-Stars are made up of the best up-and-coming surfers along the East Coast. Team members gain valuable training from world-class surf coaches, travel as a team building life-long relationships and become exposed within the surfing industry through the ESA by the organization’s marketing, press releases, webcasts, etc.

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To be considered an ESA All-Star, you should have the right ATTITUDE (not only does one need to be a strong competitor to make the team, but must also set a good example with regard to sportsmanship), DEDICATION to the ESA organization & PERFORMANCE (your results from local and regional events, as well as Easterns®).

The criteria for consideration as an All-Star include:

Team Member Criteria
  • Minimum age requirement is 10 as of January 1 for year applying for.
  • Must have competed in a minimum of one Easterns® Surfing Championships.
  • Maximum attendance and participation in your local ESA events.
  • Proven results in your local ESA district, Regional and Easterns® events.
  • Must be an active volunteer at all local ESA events to help run the contests.
  • Team members must attend all local, regional and Easterns events during the year(s) on the All-Star Team, or risk removal from team.
  • Must be willing to provide three personal references for consideration.
  • Must be willing to participate in all fundraising campaigns for the All-Star Team as a member.
  • A $300 registration fee must be paid with signed agreement.
  • District director(s) must approve
If you are interested in joining ESA’s elite team of competitor, please review the following criteria to see if you qualify. Each candidate must submit the ESA All-Star application via email, along with a mandatory letter to the All-Star Team Committee, by the deadline of November 1st each year. The candidate will email the application as ONE pdf file (multiple and jpg files will not be accepted) to [email protected], as well as copy respective district director(s).

Beginning in 2022, invitations for the Hawaii team trip will be for ESA All-Star Team members who were on the team for the previous year and in good standing. Team members who are 15 years of age or older will be invited, with few exceptions that may be made if parent of younger team member is traveling to help with the trip. This trip offers an amazing team experience with professional surf coaches who work with some of the best in the world. Memories and friendships to last a lifetime. Invitations will be offered to team members who are truly ESA-dedicated.

How to apply to become an ESA All-Star:
The final team roster shall be comprised of the nominees who have the highest degree of all three criteria. The incoming team for the following calendar year will be contacted by December and announced to the public at the January Surf Expo and/or online each year.

Former ESA Team members include Kelly Slater, Shea Lopez, Cory Lopez, Ben Bourgeois, Chris Baiata, Jeremy Saukel, Sam Hammer, Brian Stoehr, Tyler Calloway (FCS), ESA Icon Eric Taylor (record 7 years!), Jamie DeWitt, Zander Morton, David Awbrey, Cassidy McClain, Simon Hetrick, Josh Richardson and Todd Kinsey. Once an All-Star, always an All-Star! The team is our pride and are the ambassadors of the world’s largest and most effective surfing organization.

For more about the ESA All-Star team, contact the All-Star Team Committee directly at [email protected].

The 2021 ESA All-Star Team consists of:
Noah Avallone
Emma Binder
Miller Brennan
Carly Coble
Tucker Collins
William Forrest
Mia Gallagher
Nic Gardella
Krista Grace Hammel
Jesse Hulsart
Gavin Idone
Audrey Iglay
Ty Jansen
Kiley Kaiser
Grace Knoechel
Jack Madden
Mason Mott
Kendrick Remahl
Kai Sommers
Zach Starr
Kaylin Weinrich
Chloe Wienert
Landon Wood
Abbie Yates
The 2021 ESA All-Star Developmental Team consists of:
Sunny Barton
Gavin Bren
Beau Cha
Carlie Eastwood
Brynn Gallagher
Sofia Gamboa
Ian Honda
Gus Hultgren
Seton Iglay
Ava Lavender
DC Lewis
Lanea Mons
Mako Musilunas
Mikaela Nichols
Cash Nipper
Everett Nipper
Kyan O’Rourke
Athan Robertson
Gunner Snead
Cose Stoyanoff
Finn Viorel
Teddy Wittemen