ESA Southern NC’s Matton Bain remains on the 2023 ESA All-Star Team. Photo: MEZ/ESM

The ESA announced its 2023 All-Stars on Tuesday during a “Talking Story” episode with Coach Jason Motes and ESA executive director Michelle Sommers.

“The ESA All-Star program is the only one of its kind in amateur surfing where team members create lasting friendships and memories within an individualized sport like surfing,” said Sommers.

The All-Star Team is taking on a new look in 2023 by adding an All-Star Developmental Team.  This is for the surfers who may not be quite ready for the elite All-Star Team.

“Applications for our program have grown each year and it was really difficult to tell a stoked kid that they didn’t make the team because they needed more experience,” said Motes.  “The Developmental Team will offer those the resources they need to advance into the All-Star Team when they are ready. It’s a great way to ensure that no one loses their stoke.”

ESA NFL’s standout Lanea Mons returns to the ESA 2023 All-Stars after claiming Easterns wins in Girls U16 & U14.  Photo:  MEZ/ESM

Along with the annual team training trip to Hawaii for the older team members, there will be team gatherings and surf sessions at all three ESA regionals and Easterns, as well as a team trip to the Outer Banks in the summer.  Coach Motes will be at other events as well to support his team members throughout the year.

All team members are encouraged to put into what they hope to gain from being an All-Star.  Coach Motes offers video coaching and has invited everyone to join him anytime at Jax Beach.  Several volunteers have been helping with the team’s social media and it is encouraged for team members to actively participate in team activities.

ESA’s 2023 All-Stars

Will Forrest 18 OBNC
Gavin Idone 17 CFL
Kai Sommers 17 DMV
Malia Womble 17 SNC
Gabe Griffin 16 CFL
Joey Biasotto 16 DMV
Ellie Walsh 16 NFL
Elle Rich 16 NFL
Abby Armstrong 16 NFL
Thomas Meekins 16 OBNC
Aubrey Rasmussen 16 SFL
Matton Bain 16 SNC
Dane Casey 15 CNJ
Declan Fitzgerald 15 CNJ
Noah Poteat 15 FCFL
Lily Schroeder 15 FCFL
Ella McGowan 15 NFL
Ava Earle 15 NFL
Kyan O’Rourke 15 NFL
Annie Adams 15 NFL
Beau Chan 15 NY
Emmi Major 15 SNJ

ESA’s 2023 Jr All-Stars (14 & Under)

Seton Iglay 14 CNJ
Lanea Mons 14 NFL
Ayla Stutzman 14 NNE
Madison Bennett 14 SFL
Lucas Kaplan 14 SNJ
Dane Costa 14 VA
Gavin Mitchell 13 CNJ
Finn Holloway 13 CNJ
Finn Hillis 13 NFL
Taylor Meekins 13 OBNC
Wilson Carlisle 13 SNC
Christian Castiglione 13 SNC
Skylar Steinmetz 13 SNC
Jude McAfee 13 SNJ
James Carr 13 SNJ
Whitney Gwisc 13 SSC
Liam Maloney 13 VA
Athan Robertson 12 NFL
Owen Anthony 12 NFL
Cash Souter 12 OBNC
Tyko Trand 12 SAFL
Marlynn Glaub 12 SFL
Gemma Kohle 12 SNJ
Finn Law 12 SNJ
Asher Craft 12 VA
Christian Winter 11 DMV
Grace Dare 11 GA
Ansley West 11 NFL
Zander Bell 11 NY
Carter Doorley 11 SNJ
Keira Soleau 10 SNJ
Story Martinez 10 VA

ESA’s 2023 Developmental All-Stars

 Skye Dominguez 14 SSC
Jake Miller 13 CNJ
Carolina Labin 13 DMV
Lila McGowan 13 NFL
Rogue Lane 13 SNE
Carson Crandell 12 SNC
Natalie Parker 12 SNC
Coral Sasser 11 NFL
Sophia Cromartie 11 SNC
Romie Stalnaker 11 SSC
Tripp Boyce 11 VA

“Great results in contests are what every competitive surfer strives for, but surfing life is so much better when you have a team supporting one another,” added Sommers.  “It then becomes so much more than results, and these team members end up with surf families everywhere they go.”

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