All-Star Lucas Kaplan Photo: Krissy Torelli

March 8, 2024 – The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) All-Stars are in Hawaii for their annual North Shore team training trip.  The team arrived last weekend along with ESA All-Star Coach Jason Motes to surf the Oahu surf spots that many of have only seen online.  This amazing opportunity is provided to the All-Stars by the ESA as a way to introduce them to world-class waves, surfers and coaching to develop their surfing skills in a way that isn’t possible on the East Coast.

“Hawaii, specifically the North Shore of Oahu, is the place that every surfer dreams of surfing,” said ESA executive director Michelle Sommers.  “Through the years, this trip has become the best experience we can offer our All-Stars and no other surfing organization offers anything similar.”

The ESA offers their All-Stars a chance to stay in a house where the WSL CT pro surfers stay and be pushed out of their comfort levels to provide significant growth in so multiple ways.  Lifetime friendships and memories are made while the All-Stars are in Hawaii creating a true team environment within an individual sport.

This year’s trip began with the team members surfing 8-10 ft Sunset with Pipeline legend and North Shore lifeguard Tamayo Perry from Oahu Surfing Experience.  Working with Tamayo has been a favorite experience of every All-Star who has come out to Hawaii as he has the knowledge and can push team members into waves that they wouldn’t be comfortable surfing without him.

Ayla Stutzman having a blast on the North Shore waves. Photo: Krissy Torelli

“I’ve had a blast challenging myself on bigger, heavier waves on this trip and have learned so much about famous surf spots,” said All-Star and WSL QS competitor Ayla Stutzman.   “My comfort with surfing big waves has increased as well as my confidence in my ability to not just ride these bombs but rip them!”

Coach Motes held the team’s annual Hawaii All-Star contest that is a fun way for team members to compete against one another with the prize being bragging rights and $50 from the coach himself.

Matton Bain making it look easy. Photo: Krissy Torelli

All-Star Matton Bain claimed the win for the second year in a row and offered to buy all the team members pie from North Shore’s famous Ted’s Bakery with his winnings.  Stutzman won the event on the lady’s side.

“It’s been an incredible first few days on the North Shore,” said Coach Jason Motes.  “The team members are ripping and they have adapted so fast in a variety of spots in very challenging, but epic, conditions.”

The forecast looks great for the All-Stars to keep the momentum going strong.  Be sure to follow along on the ESA All-Stars Instagram @esa_allstars and ESA and All-Stars FB pages.